Sunday, April 27, 2014

Movie Review: Son of Batman

You think fighting crime on the streets of Gotham is hard?
Batman faces his most challenging opponent in the latest DC universe original animated movie Son of Batman. After Ra's al Ghul's apparent death at the hands of Slade Wilson previous successor before Bruce Wayne discovers the League of Shadows, Batman is confronted by Ra's daughter Talia al Ghul where he learns that he's a father! Holy awkward custody battle Batman.....
It was funny watching Alfred, Bruce, and Dick all struggle to keep Damian in check as he seeks revenge against Slade aka Death Stroke.
The movie deviates quite a bit from the comic but is still enjoyable in it's own right. The animation and voice acting is fantastic the fight scenes are great and getting to see Dick Grayson in his Nightwing outfit was cool, I laughed out loud at Damian's comments about the Robin outfit. The connection between Batman, Ra's al Ghul, Deathstroke, Talia and Damian made for an interesting story that was a welcome change.