Thursday, April 10, 2014

Doomed Megalopolis

I finally got around to watching this, I remember wanting to buy it back in the day at Suncoast video mainly because I was intriqued at the similarities between Street Fighter II's final boss and the cover image of the Anime....little did I know then!
Yasunori Kato the demon in Doomed Megalopolis is the inspiration for M. Bison.
I enjoyed the story, the sub's were done by Carl Macek infamous for his work on the Macross/Robotech localization nightmare. So as far as I know the story could be completely different than what I think based on the subs.
There are four chapters in the anime, the first titled The Haunting of Tokyo, takes place in 1907 and acts as an introduction to the characters.
Tatsumiya Youichi - works at the ministry of finance and is in charge of the Tokyo Improvement Project.
Yukari Youichi  - Tatsumiya's sister
Hirai Tsuchimikado- spiritual advisor for the Tokyo Improvement Project
Harutaki- crushin on Yukari something fierce.
As the first chapter unfolds we meet the members of the Tokyo Improvement  Project committee as the early stages of the project are proposed. We also meet Yasunori Kato the demon hell bent on awakening the spirit of Masakado Taira the guardian deity of Tokyo in his goal to destroy Tokyo.
Unable to awaken Masakado on his own, Kato sets his gaze on Yukari who has some sort of spiritual power. After doctors are unable to help Yukari, her friend turns to Hirai Tsuchimikado as priest of sorts to help Yukari who is suffering from apocalyptic visions, seizures and "stomach worms".....that is some straight up nasty shit!
The first chapter really impressed me! I'm kinda pissed it took me this long to watch this anime, but if I had watched this back in 1995 I probably wouldn't have appreciated it as much. Doomed Megalopolis is certainly for more mature viewers as it deals with rape, incest, the occult, science, politics, Industrialism vs Traditionalism, with a healthy dose of Japanese history wrapped up in a well written anime.
Doomed Megalopolis also has an unforgettable villain Yasunori Kato, the character M. Bison is inspired by.

The anime is an adaption of the novel Teito Monogatari by Hiroshi Aramata which was published between 1985 and 1987. If the cover art looks familiar it's by famed Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano.

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