Monday, September 9, 2013

TGS 2013 9/19-9/22

This years TGS is Sept 19-22 and the theme is Games: Limitless Evolution
I'm hoping we get some more details from Kojima productions about Ground Zero's and the Phantom Pain! The latest news doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, Keifer Sutherland's lackadaisical VO performances, the apparent system changes that early impressions say make the game feel more like Splinter Cell.
I have been playing MGS since 1998 on the PS1 and in fact I did play the original Metal Gear on the NES. So I'm fully trained in Tactical Espionage Action and this new direction worries me.
I'm still Super excited for MGS V as I'm about 95% sure Ground Zeroes which takes place in 1975 will see Ciper destroy Mother Base and collect Big Bosses DNA for the Les Enfants Terribles Project assuming Big Boss is dead. Then MGSV The Phantom Pain picks up in 1984 with Big Boss waking from his I have a feeling the quote "From Fox two Phantoms were Born" and "V has awakened" may have some some correlation to the Les Enfants Terribles Project.
Aside from that I am sure Sony has something else planned to announce at TGS 2013, maybe more deets on Gaikai, and hopefully some more new game announcements!

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