Sunday, September 22, 2013

GTA V My first week in Los Santos

The last time I did a midnight launch for a game was for COD MW2, I'm also at a point in my life where day one purchases aren't crucial. I'm willing to wait for a price drop, yeah I know the negatives to doing that for online multiplayer. But this time I really wanted to get GTA V day one! So I headed over to my local GS at 10PM to get a group number, that took about an hour then headed home to return at 11:45PM. Once the doors reopened at 12:01 I was in and out by 12:10, got home and played till about 2 in tha morn.
I had a bucket list of things I wanted to do before jumping into story missions, one was getting to the peak of Mount Chiliad, the second was to circumnavigate the entire map of Los Santos. I've done both, now to successfully hijack a 747 and fly the friendly skies....
So Franklin has traveled 143.42 miles, 106.44 by car, I've spent $275 on car mods, $2,344 on Guns and ammo, $130 in the Vanilla Unicorn Strip club, $60 on healthcare. Michael has traveled 49.05 miles and 32.38 by car, I've spent $2,350 on car mods, $60 on haircuts, $1,180 on healthcare and $20 on property.

I've been working on Michael's backhand with and without a racket in his hands ;) I've played 7 games of tennis, won 3, lost 4.

I just completed the Long Stretch mission...I sense a little hostility brewing between Franklin and Lamar & Stretch....

I've logged about 12 hours on GTA V so far and I think I can say without a doubt the cast of GTA V is much more enjoyable than Niko Belic and his annoying ass cousin! The city is also much more "alive" with so many types of NPCs and ambient conversations...I actually found myself tailing some NPC's just to listen to their conversations.
The map is HUGE!!! And with most of the map blank aside from the city of San Andreas it begs to be explored!
I'm lookin' forward to setting up a crew with my friends for GTA online when it finally launches next month!

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