Sunday, April 1, 2012

Transformers Prime: S2 E33 Crossfire

Last nights episode of Transformers Prime was yet another fantastic addition to this series, which is, in my opinion, is poised to be the best transformers series to date. TF Prime is eclipsing even my childhood memories of the G1 series, the writing team of Kurtzman and Orci prove week after week that the Transformers live action movies could've been amazing if Michael Bay wasn't involved. It's sad that an animated show based on a brand of toys has more intelligent and mature writing with superior character development and stories than the Bayformers shitfests.

I highly recommend any fan of the G1 series to check this show out, and if you you liked the Bayformers, watch Transformers Prime and discover how great the movies could've been. And for all of the fans who have lost faith that anything will ever compare to your childhood memories of G1 watch this series! The first season is out on DVD and Blu ray and is well worth the purchase!
Transformers Prime airs Saturday Nights on the Hub