Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fringe S4 E84 Letters of Transit

Last nights episode really came out of left field, it gave us another glimpse at a possible future. And this one is only slightly better than the one we saw at the end of season 3.
The new intro really grabbed my attention, and I knew immediately that the show was about to explore a new facet of the Fringe Universe.
Honestly, this change of scenery is a very welcome one for me as I was growing weary of the Peter-Olivia love story. And the revelation in episode 80 "A Short Story About Love" left me feeling let down.
Last nights episode leaves me with hope that the Fringe team still has their work cut out and that we will see Walter, Peter, Olivia and the rest of the fringe team back for season 5!
I enjoyed the episode tremendously, Henry Ian Cusick (Agent Simon Foster) and Georgina Haig (Etta) were a perfect fit for future fringe agents. The episode balanced the serious nature of events of this possible future with some jems of hilarity, Walter Bishop, "these aren't the droids you're looking for"....."move along".
A few questions remain and those of you who haven't watched the episode can stop reading now, spoilers ahoy!
I got the impression this was a future from the alt universe as I spotted the fringe logo with the back to back F's in the beggining of the episode yet Nina Sharp is seen sympathizing with Etta...
And a huge WTF to seeing Belly in the Amber! I get the distinct impression this future is an effect caused by friend to all, David Robert Jones...