Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting High While Camping in the Woods....

I enjoy camping, I've been camping since I was a kid, I've camped on small islands in the Long Island sound, along the Delaware river and when I can't get away I've even backyard camped. My friend Krogenar from Buried Planet is also into camping and we try and go at least once a year....although it's been a few since we've gotten together...
The last time I went camping with him he brought what could only be described as a  hammock-tent, it was suspended in the air from two trees and he had to crawl up into it...but seeing him get out of it was one of the more disturbing things I've seen in my life. Try to imagine an adult male lowering himself out of a cocoon-like sack suspended in the air as the smoke from the embers of our campfire from the night before clouded my vision! All that was needed was afterbirth and tenticles and I would've been in Hentai Hell!
Anyway I stumbled upon this image today and it brought me back to that camping trip
This tent is constructed by Tentsile (ha clever name) and as someone who's gone camping and gotten stuck in torrential downpours I can attest that trying to pack up a soaking wet muddy tent while the winds are trying to turn your tent into a parachute and your slipping around in the mud sucks....watching the ladies slipping in the mud doesn't suck as much.
Here is why you gots to git one of dees;

"Tentsile combines the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the usable space and security of a tent. The ultra portable structure uniquely employs tension forces to provide separation from wildlife, including insects, snakes and other predators but also from sand storms, earth tremors, cold or wet ground, debris or contamination." 

Personally I thought camping was about getting closer to nature and wildlife, I can understand wanting to avoid getting bit by a snake or mauled by a bear or mountain lion...but if ol smokey smells you got habenero flavored Doritos and twizzlers up there he's gonna get em regardless if you're 3feet or 10 feet off the ground.
And if you're concerned about earth tremors and sandstorms...LMAO....maybe look elsewhere to go camping.
If you like tree houses and camping and always wished you could camp in a tree house here's your tent!
For more info on Tentsile check out their site @ tentsile.com

 OMG hammockception! A hammock in a hammock!