Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fringe S4 E15: A Short Story About Love

I've been a fan of fringe since the first season, I have enjoyed almost every episode to to some extent. some skirt the border of mediocre and some elevate the show to such lofty heights....last nights episode truly disappointed, the weekly case du jour was weak sauce and just when things started getting interesting with Peter tracking the mysterious pod/drill last seen in season one, September pulls an Princess Leia holo message moment and tells Peter [spoiler] He has been in his universe the whole time[/spoiler] and [spoiler] love is what kept him from being completely erased from existance[/spoiler].
It felt like such a total cop out and all the tension and drama culminating from the start of the season was all for naught. I waited 3 weeks while Fringe was on hiatus for THAT!? Worst episode of the entire series and next weeks preview did nothing to regain my interest, looks like the fringe team is tracking down a reject from the TMNT movies...