Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie Review: Batman Year One

Got a chance to watch Batman Year One yesterday, Warner Bro's animation studios did a great job realizing Frank Millers graphic novel. The movie starts with Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham and Lt. James Gordon starting his career over in Gotham after being transferred from Chicago PD, the two quickly realize just how corrupt Gotham is. Gordon meets his new partner, Detective Arnold Flass, Flass tells Gordon how things "work around here". Gordon realizes he's got his work cut out for him.
Like the saying goes "there's nothing more dangerous than an honest cop."
Gordon begins to go against the grain when he saves a bunch of child hostages from an Arkham Asylum escapee single handedly without the help of Gotham's SWAT team lead by LT Brenan. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne struggles to find the persona that will strike fear into the fear mongers of Gotham, but after a street fight with a pimp, his ho and Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne barely manages to escape and make his way back to stately Wayne manor. It's there that the Dark Knight is born and soon word of the Batman makes it's way to Commissioner Gillian Loeb's office. Batman crashes Carmine Falcone's dinner party where he promises to all the crime bosses and crooked politicians that they will be brought to justice.
Commissioner Loeb puts Gordon in charge of a special task force to bring Batman to "justice" this is where James Gordons career against crime in Gotham becomes intertwined with Batman's ...

Batman Year One is a fantastic movie that is as entertaining as Batman Begins, with many of the same elements and characters seen in Nolan's films. Wether you're a fan of Nolan's series or not, this animated movie should be seen! The story is so well written and the characters are perfectly developed, I never knew Jim Gordon was such a bad ass cop! And the little fan service sprinkled throughout is a nice touch, Scarface in Loeb's office!
The movie deals with very adult theme's and I don't recommend it for younger viewers under 7, but if you're mature enough this is a great movie that stands on it's own and compliments Christopher Nolan's films very nicely! Any fan of the Dark Knight owes to themselves to check this out!

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