Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Captain America Review

When the original teaser hit the interwebs I have to admit I was really underwhelmed. But thanks to some die hard Captain America/puppet sex fans a simple addition of a soundtrack really helped beef up the trailer and get some buzz for the Cap.
Captain America really isn't a top tier Super hero in my opinion, he's no Batman or Spiderman but he leagues better than Aquaman and Shazaam.
I really wasn't sure what to expect going into Captain American, and with zero expectations and zero spoiler knowledge Captain America was a fun adventure from start to end. Marvel Studios did a very good job balancing the action and comic relief. The movie flowed exceptionally well and every character was enjoyable, the movie certainly benefited from the many A-List actors....cudo's to the casting director!
Our adventure begins with Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) raiding a tomb for a hidden energon cube, Weaving does evil so well, it was like Weaving had thrown Mr Smith and a Nazi in a blender and hit puree.
Chris Evans plays Steve Rodgers, a little guy with a big heart who wants nothing more than to join the army and kick Nazi ass! F*ck Yeah! There's only one small problem...he weighs in at around 150...wet, has asthma and is physically unfit for the army.
Enter Dr Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), unlike every other recruiting officer, Erskine see's a perfect candidate for his super soldier program so he gives Steve Rodgers the go ahead. Steve goes off to special boot camp under Col. Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) who thinks Dr. Erkine is wasting a spot with Rodgers. 
Without summarizing the whole movie Stevie becomes Captain America, sells Bonds, saves troops and defeats Red Skull and HYDRA but misses his date...
Which brings me to Peggy Carter played by Haylay Atwell, I thought she was stunning and fit the role perfectly, she like Rosie the Riveter but hot! And if they were to ever green light a Super Dimentional Fortress Macross Live action movie (And I pray they don't) Haylay Atwell would make a perfect Misa Hayase!
What I liked about Captain America was it never took itself too serious yet never became as a comedy of errors either, the movie did a good job at keeping it fun and enjoyable similar to how Marvel approached the first Iron Man movie. The special effects used to make Chris Evans a scrawny little guy were impressive and the Red Skull effects were very good also. 
Honestly if you took the shield and costume away this would've been a better GI Joe movie than the GI Joe movie.
And as usual if you stuck around after the credits you would've been treated to a sneak peek at The Avengers movie coming next year...actually looks promising.

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