Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cowboys and Aliens Trailer

After seeing the below trailer I'm adding Cowboys and Aliens to my must see list for 2011! With the recent release of Skyline (meh) and next years Battle Los Angeles, alien invasion seems to be the theme for next summer.
My friend Brad is hyping the crap out of B:LA and I just can't get that hyped for what looks like yet another ID4/War of the Worlds/Michael Bayesque summer flick....on the other hand Cowboys and Aliens seems original and you have Jon Favreau directing and Steven Spielburg executive producing with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig! There's some certified talent there. It's been awhile since Harrison Ford has been in a movie that he seems right for but this role looks right for him. And Daniel Craig brings his usual badassery!
If I had to choose between B:LA and Cowboys and Aliens I'm spending my dead presidents on the latter.