Wednesday, April 28, 2010

V: Episode 9 Heretic's Fork

Last nights episode could've been so much better than it was in my opinion, the V soldier was a huge let down, the fight with Ryan was filmed so erraticly that it was painful to watch, Valerie's reaction to seeing the V's true form was totally botched, I mean c'mon, no woman seeing that would dismiss it that non chalantly. Yeah she leaves him and no longer trusts him but I think if I found out I had sex with and alien unknowingly and now have some freaky lizard hybrid fetus in me growing I'd be a little more upset beyond "I don't trust you".
The highlight of the episode for me is the Tyler / Lisa relationship, without seeing the preview of next weeks episode I originally thought that Lisa was playing the hard to catch game with Tyler when she told him he shouldn't join the live aboard program, knowing that Tyler would automatically blame his mother for her saying that. Which he did. But then again we know Lisa failed the emotion test, so she clearly has feelings for Tyler...either way it unfolds that relationship has my attention! After seeing the preview for next week I forsee an intergalactic PTA throw down between Anna and Erica...Mom Vs Mom!
Another huge issue I have is Valerie was injected with they can track her, Father Jack was also injected with R6 unknowingly.. so why wasn't a red flag raised when Anna was informed where Valerie was hiding out that Father Jack's signal shows up at the Thompsons ranch...where the V soldier made visual contact with ALL of them!
I was on the fence with Hobbes, but after last nights episode I'm starting to really like this character, he's a great contrast to Father Jack in my opinion.

And it's almost insultingly obvious Chad Decker has been "converted".
Last weeks episode was great and next weeks episode looks promising, with Anna confronting her daughter about her "grasp of human emotion".