Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PS3 Slim Rumor Control, Here Are the Facts

Guten tag! Greetings from the Vaderlaand Gamescom is in full swing in Cologne and Sony has finally confirmed what we all knew for a couple months, the PS3 was getting the ol' pricen de slashen! And that PS slim has finally been revealed....Mucho Grasias South America! Sony has made the PS3 smaller, better, quieter, and more energy efficient and all this could be your's for the fantastic price of $299.99. The PS2 backwards compatiblitity is gone for good I'm afraid but most people still have one anyway.

Check out this handy dandy chart to compare the SlimStation3 to it's peers...

After 3 years the PS3 may actually become a finacially competative console! Not that it matters to me, I held out one year after initial launch and snaged a 80 gig backwards compatible version (via emulation).