Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fat Princess Review

Fat Princess is now available on the PSN exclusively, go buy it!
Underneath it's adorable super deformed characters there's a very well designed strategy game! Teamwork is essential to winning, 2 teams of up to 16 players each must make there way across battlefields to the opposing teams castle and rescue their princess while keeping the other teams princess imprisoned (capture the flag). Once one team has both a count down begins and if they can hold on to both for the duration that team will be victorious! Fat Princesses has 5 classes for players to choose from; Warrior, Worker, Mage, Priest, and Ranger. Each class offers unique benefits and each class can be upgraded. Most people will want to grab a Warrior hat and run headfirst into battle to save the princess, but remember that sometimes the best offense is a good defence. Worker may seem like a drag but it may actually be the most critical character early on in the battle. Workers will build the castle doors and harvest the natural resources needed to upgrade the 5 classes as well as build castle upgrades such as catapults. There are outposts spread throughout the land that if occupied can help turn the tide of battle, outposts serve as a base to heal players and workers can deposit resources (wood and ore) to build up your teams stockpile. Each class requires a certain amount of wood and ore before the worker can upgrade the class or castle structure, once the required resources are collected a worker will begin building. Warrior, as is always the case, carries a large sword and hits hard if you can get within striking range, Mage casts fire spells and when upgraded can cast ice spells, Ranger carries a bow and upgrades to a rifle, great at long distance but your toast if a warrior get up close and personal, and lastly is Priest, the healer who can be upgraded to Dark Mage.
The game oozes with charm and pure fun, from the adorable voices of the warriors to the voice actor (sounds like the same person who did Disney's Beauty and the Beast) who does the games monologue as well as the play by plays to the Princesses begging for cake.
Speaking of cake, that must be one delicious cake and the princess has one serious sweet tooth which adds another strategy to the game, feed your prisoner enough cake and she gets fat....really fat. So fat you will need more than teammate to carry her back to the castle, which adds to the team work aspect of the game.
If your looking for some delicious medieval fun with tons of calories and a low price you can't go wrong with this PSN exclusive title. It's only $14.99 on the PlayStation Store go grab it today....you'll have a hard time putting it down! The icing on the cake (get it?) is the song chosen for the end credits! Pure genius!

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