Friday, June 6, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 8: High School Queen

Episode 8 begins with Ranka and her first promotional job working with Elmo and Vector Entertainment. It's not the most glamorous gig but she puts her heart into it. The next day the members of Skull Squadron are back aboard the Frontier at Mihoshi Academy, and we soon discover Ranka has transfered to Mihoshi to the surprise of Alto. But she isn't the only one coming to Mihoshi for the first time...
Sheryl pays Alto, Nanase, Mikhail, and Luca who had a breif visit to the hospital after his ordeal inside the Vajra ship a visit.
Remember that lucky earring Sheryl lent Alto? Well he lost it when his Valk was destroyed last episode and now as payback Sheryl want Alto as her personal "slave" for the day. When Luca hears this we get to see his perverted mind conjure up all sorts of wild stuff. Alto asks her what she wants to see first and she spots a student in EX gear flying above the academy. Next scene we find Sheryl in Luca's EX gear learning how to control it by attempting to hold an egg, this doesn't go to well. Off we go to the womens locker room where Sheryl, Ranka and Nanase hit the showers, here Sheryl offers to assist Ranka with her career but Ranka refuses saying she has a she's determined to do it on her own and she's supposed to appear on a TV show that afternoon. Shortly afterwards we see Sheryl's lack of knowledge with laundry and Ranka thanks Sheryl for the offer. Suddenly the little green creature (Carbuncle) seen at Folmo mall hops out of a laundry basket with Sheryl's panties stuck on it! Carbuncle hops out of the girls locker room and into a crowd where all the guys at Mihoshi are loitering. Sheryl screams that her panties are runing away and suddenly every guy in school is chasing Carby and Sheryl's panties. Ranka offers to help but Sheryl reminds her of her obligations and Ranka heads off to meet Elmo for her TV appearance.
Yes this is a filler episode, but it was very funny! Sheryl "borrows" Luca's EX gear again just after he finished cleaning it and zips off in hot pursuit of carbuncle and her panties. She obviously needs alot more training with the EX gear, she corners carbunle on the VF-01 monument atop Mihoshi and makes a daring leap into the air to catch her panties which are now airborn, she slips out of Luca's EX gear and begins to fall to the ground when Alto shows up in his EX gear and catches her as she's falling. The two fly off towards the bay as Ranka merrily skips down the street towards her show when she gets a call from Elmo telling her the show was cancelled at the last minute and replaced by a special about Sheryl Nome. It's atouching scene as Ranka stands there disheartened with a large billboard of Sheryl Nome behind her. Will Ranka be able to breal away from Sheryls Shadow?
After all the high school hijinx a new student introduces herself the very next day after Ranka had, once again Sheryl steals the spotlight.