Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Captivate '08 Street Fighter IV trailer

I've been posting about Street Fighter IV for some time now and now that Capcom's Captivate '08 is over the interwebz is gonna be flooded with info about Street Fighter IV. Here is some facts brought back by TAS over at the Capcom boards. For fans of Street Fighter the Vengeance trailer should really get your blood pumping!

  • The version of SFIV at CAP08 for the most part was the same as the current location test in Japan, but there were some tweaks to it here and there that differed from it, and as such there was no Seth, Fei-Long, or Dan. Sorry if anyone was expecting them.

  • There will be anime intros and endings for every character in the console version. The arcade version will have screen captures of these anime segments. We had the chance to see a 5 minute anime movie that showed off a fight between Akuma and Ryu that Ken interrupts at one point. The anime vid also showed Gen and Gouken. The art style looks the most similar to the Alpha Generations anime, but much cleaner. The fight between Akuma and Ryu was done very well with them using a number of their signature moves. The video didn’t seem like a intro or ending but more so a cut from an anime movie, and when I asked if there was a new anime movie in the works, I got a “no comment” on that situation.

  • Gouken’s design looked like the Shen Long design from the April Fool’s joke. Gouken and Shen Long may be one and the same or different characters. I wasn’t paying too close attention to the designs given that Gouken and (Capcom’s) Shen Long have such similar designs, so I assumed that they were one and the same. Shen Long could be a different character, an older Gouken, or the name Shen Long might not come up in the game at all.
  • There aren’t any Hoiri sticks coming out for SFIV, however Seth is designing some SFIV sticks with another company.

  • There will be Downloadable Content for SFIV, but nothing was specified.

  • Not everything for the console version is set in stone at this point, and a number of things boil down to if there's time or not include them, like alternate costumes.

  • In regard to the English dub, both Sven and Seth feel very strongly about how good it is, and I genuinely believe them about that situation. Some of the characters do have native accents, but they're not over the top. For instance El Fuerte has a slight Mexican accent. It'll be awhile before anyone will be hearing the English voices though. Also there is a really unique option that Capcom is trying to get into SFIV when it comes to the English and Japanese voices. Basically they want to allow players the option to individually select a character’s language, so rather then selecting English or Japanese for all characters you would be able to go in and set Ryu’s voice to English or Japanese, Ken’s voice to English or Japanese, etc, etc. Note that this isn’t a finalized option, but it’s something that they really want to make happen.
  • Rufus. The opinion on him was fairly universal in that people did not expect him to be as good as he is. It's surprising to see what all moves he's got and how useful he was.

  • El Fuerte was the favorite of the new characters among the majority it seemed. He also seemed to get picked alot more then most every other character. I think I saw more play time with him then any other characters aside from Ryu and Ken.

  • Seth, is named after Seth Killian, and his moves are made up of all the best moves from the other characters. Very Dural (Virtua Fighter) like in that regard. He is also unbalanced.