Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Street Fighter IV

The announcement that Capcom was finally bringing out a new Street Fighter was announced about two months ago. The trailer was released and ever since the internet has been alive with speculation, will the series go 3-D, will it be cell shaded like Okami, aside from Ryu & Ken who will return, will it be online, will it be released on current next gen consoles??? Alot of fans, including myself are excited to see that their favorite fighting game is returning. The January issue of EGM just hit shelves today and we can now see for ourselves the newest iteration of Street Fighter! The following pics are from a beta version of the game which is aprox. 2% complete, the background is about 50% complete and the Ryu / Ken characters are 90% complete. So what other "world warriors" are returning? Well we know Ryu and Ken are, Chun Li and Dhalsim have been given the green light but that's all that's been announced though producer Yoshinori Ono has said he wants as many SFII characters as possible.
Ono also mentions Street Fighter IV will be online! That means possible downloadable content, new stages, characters etc.
Yoshinori Ono wants the game play to be second nature for Street Fighter enthusiasts and comfortable enough for new comers, but there will be new aspects for Street Fighter IV such as Revenge (rage meter) that's divided in four sections, activate a revenge move by holding down 1 punch and one kick button (jab & short) then release for a revenge move. If the player holds the two buttons down and charges 3/4's of the rage meter the move becomes unblockable, but tourney players will love the depth of the revenge meter also, if you have skills you can cancel the revenge move mid animation and perform an EX Hadoken with 2 punch buttons then cancel that mid animation and perform an EX Shoryuken with two punch buttons and finally cancel that mid animation and perform another EX Shoryuken thus using each quarter of the rage meter individually to string together and wicked combo! The other new aspect is Ultras O.o, there's still Supers arts but ultras require a full super meter and at least one bar in the revenge meter to be filled. Like Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken the movement is the same except you must press 2 punch or kick buttons to perform the Ultra, and during the move the games camera will pan and zoom to
give a cinema style show of the pain being given!

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