Sunday, September 11, 2005

Going Quackers: AF2 battle

I have reached level 50 with my WHM (I put DRK on hold) Krogenar helped me attain my second piece of Artifact Equipment (AF2) for my White Mage, the healers duckbills. In order to get this footwear I went to speak to Narcheral again. Narcheral told me I needed to get a vile of Yagudo Holy Water and a pair of moccasins. The moccasins were easy to get, I bought a pair in the Jeuno AH. But the holy water is a rare ex item that cannot be bought or sold. So Krogenar and I headed to Castle Oztroja in the Meriphataud mountains to kill Yagudo Abbots. We traveled thru the castle till we came to a doorway with 4 levers, the correct combination opened the doorway to where the Yagudo Abbots were located. Krogenar Beastmaster unleashed one of his crab familiars on the yagudo and the the holy water dropped on the first kill! I was expecting a longer time getting the holy usually takes more than 1 kill to get the rare EX item you're looking for but not this time! Thanks again to Krogenar Beastmaster!

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