Thursday, September 1, 2005

Chaos unsheathed

Since I began playing FFXI I've been working on mage jobs, WHM and BLM. But the other day I took the Airship back to Bastok, while there I spoke to a young Galkan child in the mines district who mentioned that the legendary Dark Knight Zied was spotted in the Palboro mines. Rumor had it that Zied is the only adventurer to ever master the art of the Dark Knight.
I decided to seek out this Dark Knight, I found him in in the deep recesses of the Zehurn mines at the end of a trip down one of the underground rivers. He told me the path to mastering the power of a Dark Knight is a hard, lonely one, then he handed me an old, dull sword,

"this is chaosbringer, satiate it's thirst then return it to me after killing 100 foes".

I took Chaosbringer and returned to my Mog House to change my main job to WAR then headed to the Zehurn mines. That evening the walls of the mine were coated in blood and guts from the destruction I caused. The feeble creatures hit me with all they had but it was all for naught as I slaughtered every living thing in my path.