Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunbreeze Festival 05

The Sunbreeze Festival!

Master, Master!
My wings are wilting wretchedly in this warm weather, kupo! It's times like this
that I wish I wasn't covered in fur...Of course, we moogles aren't the only ones
suffering, kupo!All the craftsmen, merchants, and even the city guards are
languishing listlessly while longing for a little relief from the heat.But never
fear, kupo!Officials from each nation have joined forces with the M.H.M.U. to
lift the spirits of sweltering soldiers and adventurers alike with a brand-new
proposal: the Sunbreeze Festival!While continuing the popular activities of
previous festivals, this event aims to lure cool breezes from the heavens with
all the fun and dancing taking place here on the ground, kupo!The officials I
mentioned earlier had a slightly different idea, but it was thankfully voted
down.(Casting a humongous Blizzaga V above each city and showering the citizens
with shards of ice didn't seem like the safest solution, kupo...)Fantastic
fireworks and sensational goldfish scooping are slated to make a return this
year, along with the introduction of the Rakapopo Dancers; a Tarutaru troupe
that performs the Far Eastern Sunbreeze Shuffle!And don't miss out on the
wonderful prizes to be won from the addictive new game invented by Azimuth of
the Alchemists' Guild, kupo!All these absorbing activities are sure to take your
mind off the heat, so join your friends and help make the Sunbreeze Festival a
refreshing success!