Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Emmisary: Episode I

My latest mission for the republic is a top secret mission organized by President Karst of Bastok. I am to travel to Windurst, the details of my mission would be given to me in the Bastok consulate in Windurst.....

After reaching Windurst under the cloak of darkess I headed to the Bastok consulate and recieved my orders. I was told to go to Heavens Tower (think giant tree in Secret of Mana) get a magical weapon which is supposed to be given to a Yagudo Beastman in Giddeus named Uu Zhoumo as a peace offering. The Tarutaru give the Yagudo beastmen weapons and in turn the Yagudo don't attack Windurst.But Bastok has other plans for this magic weapon.....I'm told by my "contact" to bring the weapon back to the consulate and swap it with a fake. After doing so I head north to Giddeus to give Uu Zhoumo the fake, things don't go as planned when the Yagudo realizes the weapon is a fake . uu Zhoumo order me to get him an Aspir knife from a Notorious Monster (NM) named Eyy Mon (Jamaican Yagudo ). After killing Eyy Mon I gave Uu Zhuomo the Aspir knife and met up with Little Killer.

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