Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Star Wars Rebels S4 E3 & E4 In the Name of the Rebellion

As Kanan tells Ezra in this episode "all paths are coming together" which is clearly evident when the Ghost arrives on Yavin IV and Zeb and Callus greet them. Shortly afterwards Hera "crashes" the reunion.
I really enjoyed these two episodes, not so much for the story that took place in it,which was good, but rather for how these two episode add to the connective threads between the PT, R1 and the OT!
I'm not clear where R1 falls in the BBY timeline, but if I were to guess 1 or 0 BBY so these episodes in season 4 are probably 2/3 BBY so as we get nearer to December my attention is becoming more and more intense to see if any of these characters in SWR cause ripples that will affect events in the ST (most notably Thrawn).
I also really appreciate the way the politics are being handled in recent years compared to george's heavy handed approach in the PT. A great example is the scene between Saw and Mon Mothma at the beginning of this episode there is a clear divide in this fledgling rebellion of how to fight the Empire. And there are arguments for and against both Gerrera's and Mothma's stances. And seeing young Ezra torn between both is a great representation of young adults in RL that find themselves "undecided" on real world politics and politicians!
The second episode was very enjoyable also because it felt a little like a noir mystery. We all know what the Empire's "super weapon" is, the fun is seeing how Saw is the ONLY one in the Rebellion who is on the right track to uncovering the truth. Unfortunately his methods have alienated him as extremist and thus the Rebellion doesn't learn about project Stardust until there's only the most minuscule bit of Hope left.

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