Sunday, February 12, 2017

Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie

I took my son to see the Lego Batman movie and as I suspected it was absolutely hilarious! We were laughing so hard, obviously he didn't get all the jokes but he does have the 1967 Batman Movie starring Adam West so he did catch the Bat anti shark repellent. It's unfortunate to say but I enjoyed this movie infinitely more than BVS, even with all the comedy there was a message in the film, but wisely didn't derail the fun of the movie.
The ad campaign for this movie was brilliant and sold this film!

The music was another key ingredient that added to our enjoyment of The Lego Batman Movie!

And yes the Condiment King is an actual villain in the Batman universe...I Googled it Joker ;)
There's gonna be a lot of serious sci fi and Super Hero movies this year The Lego Batman movie was a refreshing change of pace compared to the overbearing DCU. What better way to celebrate Presidents Day weekend than for Batfans young and old to see The Lego Batman Movie!
I wish I was in the theater Robert Downey Jr. was in if he went to see this!


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