Thursday, September 15, 2016

Game Review: Transformers Devastation

I grew up watching the G1 series and this game is 100% pure Nostalgia! The whole aesthetic of Devastation is like you're playing a G1 movie!
The primary reason I got Transformers Devastation was the visual style.
The game feels like it's ripped from a script from Transformers Prime but designed around the G1 series. Megs plans on cyberforming Earth using the recently discovered Proud Star ship under Manhattan! OK Good Enough for me.
This game is truly a love letter to my generation, the best way I can describe it is short and sweet with lots of button mashing. That's not to say there isn't some options to mix up the rock em sock em robots action. Players can develop TECH modifiers, Synthesize weapons, purchase special moves like Parry, Rush and Reversal.
The game is relatively short if you just gonna play the story thru one time, but there are incentives to hunting down the collectibles, and playing thru multiple times with the different Autobots. There is a couple galleries, Art, Model and Generations for completionists also.
I've beaten the game with Grimlock and just unlocked The King trophy, next up I'll play thru with Prime, then Wheel Jack, then Sideswipe then you can see how the game can become very repetitive for trophy hunters.
Aside for the brevity of the game I enjoyed the nostalgia trip, Platinum games nailed the details of the G1 characters and bustin Decepti-chops with Grimlock brought me back to my childhood playing with my Transformers!
I'm gonna let my 6 y/o son play, he loves the 80's Transformers animated movie (not the crappy Bayformers) so I think he will enjoy this.
If you see Transformers Devastation for sale, I recommend grabbing it for </= $30.