Friday, June 17, 2016

Game Review: Gone Home

I'm going to begin by saying thank God I didn't spend $20 on this game! Now you may take that as Gone Home is a terrible game, it's not.
Gone Home came out in January and thanks to PS+ I got to experience this little gem. I would categorize Gone Home as a First Person Short Story Experience. And there in is the problem I have with spending $20 on this title. Once you complete Katies journey thru the house and find all of Samantha's journal entries what's going to entice me to ever "play" this "game" again?
Gone home is a well made title with some of the best atmosphere I've experienced in a game since the original Resident Evil, the subtle creaks of the floor boards  and sonorous explosions of thunder from the storm raging outside to the eery silence throughout the house really lets your mind conjure up a feeling of dread. The Sound design and atmosphere is the highlight of Gone Home.
So if you have PS+ I recommend checking out Gone Home while it's available (till 7/5/16)! The game can be completed in less than 60 seconds and that is actually a trophy. If you do decide to check out Gone Home, play it at night with the lights off.
Bonus points for the Street Fighter references!