Monday, August 10, 2015

Humans Season 1 Thoughts and Impressions

So the first season of Humans has just concluded and I for one really enjoyed the story so far!
Looking back some my favorite scenes involved Niska, when she leaves the brothel, her time with Dr. George Milican, her time with Sophie. Through Niska we've been able to witness the most interesting interactions between Humans and Synths, well there were other notable interactions isn't that right Joe?
I also found the scene where Max prays to God especially fascinating! In a society where technology is prevalent religion seems to be less of a priority and seeing a synthetic kneel and pray a very uniquely human thing to do.
Then there's Detective Sergeant Peter Drummond and his peculiar relationship with his "partner" Detective Inspector Karen Voss...awkward! Especially considering how his marriage ended!
Karen is an odd one...much like Leo, existing between the Human and Synth worlds. She see's the most probable conflict that will arise from rise of conscience synthetic's, but do the actions of the Hawkins family represent another possible outcome? Do the Hawkins have the only copy of the code? What's on the hard drive Niska has?
This was a well written and developed show, my wife enjoyed it as well which is a testament to the show's quality!