Saturday, September 29, 2012

Transformers Prime S2 E47 Alpha Omega

Last nights episode Alpha Omega had some very cool moments! Alpha Trion; still rocking the foo man choo tells Optimus that the last 4 Cybertronian WoMD's are keys to reanimate Cybertron!
The Scavenger hunt continues!
I enjoyed watching Megs and Dread tomb raiding on Cybertron!
When Megs returns the episode began to take on a Star Warsish feel with Knock Out cuting off Megs right forearm and then the battle in Cairo between Optimus and the star sabre and Megs with the dark star sabre!
Megatron really dropped the ball....he had the dam key, he shoulda ben like "peace out Arcee I got the key" and shoved that Dark Star Sabre right in her chest!
Overall a fun episode that looks to be the first of the final 5 episodes to season 2 which will culminate to a season Finale on Cybertron!

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