Saturday, July 14, 2012

VG Myth Busters: Gamer Girls

Gnome Town, Bejewled Blitz, Bubble Blitz, Song Pop, Diamond Dash, Candy Crush, Sims Social, Bust a Move, Hangin w/ Friends....these are the games my wife plays...she doesn't believe females play video games, in fact she's a firm believer that video games are EEEEVIL!
Example (turn volume up):

A good analogy would be Video Games to her is like American Idol to me....but somehow I managed to get her to watch the MVC3 opening cinematic and she actually stayed and watched, with the Avengers movie fresh in her mind still I ever so carefully placed a controller in her hand and showed her the character select screen and was like "ooh look there's Iron Man, and thee's Captain America and the Hulk....
A week has passed and I now have proof that even the most grizzled, jaded, video game hating grinch can be "indoctrinated" with the proper catalyst! EVO 2013 is just under a year away and my wife is training hard for it, GG's to my wife and BlueEyedDemon! The commentary during the match is hilarious! Sorry for the shitty video quality, this was recorded from my Iphone 3GS...enjoy.
Behold my wife playing MVC3 online against a friend BlueEyedDemon: