Thursday, June 7, 2012

Game Review: inFAMOUS

I got inFAMOUS for free from the "welcome back" program after the PSN hacking. Yeah the game is three years old but of the choices given this was one I was actually some what interested in.  This open world sandbox game from Sucker Punch offers a highly detailed urban metropolis of Empire City similar to the GTA series. In inFAMOUS you control the Protagonist Cole, without going into too much detail, there was a catastrophic explosion and Cole woke up with the ability to control electricity and Empire City is a total shit hole, gangs are out of control, and each of the 3 districts are controlled by a different gang.  The game offers the player the opportunity to choose how to play as Cole.....good or evil. and based on this you'll gain access to new super human, super conductive abilities. And that is pretty much it, You run around Empire city zapping bad guys gaining experience points to buy new abilities like Gigawatt blades, Static Thrusters, Thunder Drop etc.
The story starts off slow but thru exploration you'll find things called dead drops which are essentially voice memo's that help flesh out the story and give detail behind the mysterious organization known as the First Sons.
The game also rewards those completionists if they find all the the blast shards hidden throughout Empire City.
The game also has some awesome comic style cut scenes with voice overs to help bring more depth to the character Cole.