Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova Series Premiere review

Terra Nova premiered last night and after the 120 minutes were over I can say this show was seriously over-hyped! I loved the Blade Runneresqe cityscape of the future....that's pretty much it. I sympathized with the father when the authorities found his third child hidden behind the ventilation panel and I would've done the same thing. Unfortunately I found too many things in the show totally illogical....perhaps I missed some crucial bit of dialog to explain these aspects that confounded me, I'll have to fire up the DVR and give it a second viewing.
The thing's that had me scratching my head and saying what the f*ck were where was the TSA? Where was the security??Ok there was a few rent a cops on the catwalk but seriously....I wish JFK was this easy to get thru! Next I couln't stand the emo son, Josh Shannon! I wanted to reach through the screen and choke the shit out of him! How the F can you be angry with your father for trying to defend his family???
Third and most puzzling....the technology in the med lab is straight up left overs from the Avatar set YET when we pop out on the other side of the worm hole or whatever we have to trek thru the forest of endor? No safe transport to get to Terra Nova?And why is the Terra Nova commune walls built with logs?? I get the whole humanity f*cked up and this our second chance thing but in my opinion Lincoln Logs don't make the best defense against 6ers and carnivorous dinosaurs. Get some fricken laser beams that'll cauterize shit up or at least a moat with sharks with lasers!
And what is up with the only fatality being a black man and then the only injuries going to a young black boy and young black girl?
The next thing that I couldn't get past was Stephen Lang as Commander Nathaniel Taylor...I don't know why I don't like him, perhaps it's because every time he was on the screen I saw Colonel Miles Quaritch, and honestly his bravado just seems ridiculous and often times completely unbelievable. I did however like the character Mira (Christine Adams), her character came across as powerful, intelligent and multidimensional. 
In the end I felt like I was watching Time Cop meets Jurassic Park meets Swiss Family Robinson, the show didn't leave me very enthusiastic to see the next episode.