Thursday, April 14, 2011

SSFIV Arcade Edition now Home Edition

It was announced yesterday at Capcom's Captivate 11 that Arcade Edition will in fact be coming to consoles. Like Capcom was gonna pass up an opportunity to cash in on more DLC...
SSFIVAE DLC is scheduled to hit PSN and XBL June 7th and will include the 2 new characters Yun and Yang plus Evil Ryu and Oni along with updates to the replay channel and balance patches.

 I'm not positive this is what the character select screen layout will be, but it does lend itself to the posibility of future character DLC...8 to be precise. Maybe Karin and Alex still have a chance!
And if you prefer your games more tangible here's the box art for arcade edition....I gotta admit that's some impressive box art...the US boxart, if different, will suck compared to this.

And here's the "official" SSFIV AE trailers from Captivate 11'

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