Monday, January 24, 2011

Square-Enix announces FFXIII-2...thousands of voices cry out and are suddenly silenced

Whoa there Sqeenix! I'm still killing Adamantortoises on Gran Pulse trying to get the Treasure Hunter Trophy!
So FFXIII-2 is a direct sequel that will pick up right where FFXIII left off after defeating Orphan...I hope they figure in the hours spent on Gran Pulse after defeating Orphan doing hunts and upgrading and dismantling weapons for the treasure hunter trophy...
FFXIII-2 apparently will expand upon the events that we only got to read about between chapters.
FFXIII-2 will focus on the Goddess Etro...could she be the maker Barthadelus mentioned???
The ATB system will be "evolved", read as FFXIII's ATB system was a beta test...
The story will be darker and more mysterious...I hope they explore where the F everyone on Gran Pulse disapeared to.