Thursday, May 21, 2009

PlayStation Home Update

1.21 is live today. The most notable difference is the text chat screen has changed. We can now L3 click it so it doesn't show. Also the color we chose for our Pop Up Window selection is not the color of our text in the chat window. Another handy feature is you can scroll the chat window and highlight a users post. You can then bring up their profile and ignore, block, add friend etc etc all from the chat window. There is also a new Sony space called the Presentation Podium... this space kinda looks like a theme park, except without rides. It's still coolbeans as is. It has a pretty neat design.There are some new Sony Generic clothes in Threads, .49 cents a piece. Also Street Fighter 4's selection has updated with several new female costumes, including Cammy's and Rose's outfits, .99 cents per piece.Let's see what else ... [mock forgetfulness] ... Oh yeah! Resistance has launched into Home. The space is pretty neat and has one of the best mini-games in all of Home. It's a turret shooter mini-game and rewards you with clothing items for getting to certain levels/high scores. The space also has a leaderboard so it's fun to compete with your friends or the whole community. Already there are some CRAZY scores in there and it just went live. The top score is over 800k points. My top score is a measly, in comparison, 56133 points. I keep dying on Wave 5.Also today the EA Sports Complex got an update. The Poker space is redone and the betting blinds readjusted. New rewards are in place for winners and also we now have winnable chips that we "bank". The chips are banked automatically when you win and you must have AT LEAST 1000 chips to compete on the RED table. Overall the space is a marked improvement over it's first issue.