Thursday, January 1, 2009

Free Swim's 9 PS3 titles for '09

Well 2008 couldn't end soon enough for most people around the world, with the economy in very poor shape and unemployment hitting an all time high in 30 years, what's there to look forward to? Well if you have your health that's a good thing and if you have a Playstation 3 that's something else!

2008 was a good year for Sony's Playstation 3, We got MGS4, GTA4, Resistance 2, Socom Confrontation, Bioshock, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Valkyria Chronicals, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Fallout 3, Dead Space, Little Big Planet, Life w/ Playstation and Playstation Home.

Keeping with tradition here's Free Swim's list of the nine most anticipated titles for 2009.

9. M.A.G. One of the surprise announcements at last years E3, this "massive action game" had me at hello, but then I stopped and thought.."this is coming from Zipper, they can't even get 32 multiplayer to work properly let alone keep glitchers from hacking their the hell are they gonna do this!?". I'm hoping this will be the new "socom experience" we're all looking for.

8.Gran Turismo 5 GT Prologe is probably the best beta you'll ever pay t play....lets face it, we know GT5 is gonna be amazing but if this game takes much longer to launch, Duke Nukem might beat them to market. I understand perfection takes time, and I'm really looking forward to this GT, especially if they get the online multiplayer tuned!

7. Resident Evil 5: Chris Redfield goes on safari in Africa and stumbles upon a secret....Umbrella had a sister company named Parasol! Chris reactivates Stars and fights his way thru bubble making zombies till he's finds himself face to face with Albert Wesker and his mutant buddies Bub and Bob!

6. Final Fantasy XIII: Well XII was a bit of a let down so I'm sure SquarEnix isn't gonna hold back on the awsome for this installment...but Shiva becoming a motorcycle...I'm not so sure about that...

5. Killzone 2: This game has ALOT to live up to, that infamous teaser from E3 07 is gonna be scrutinized when KZ2 launches, all I care about is if the gameplay is solid and the multiplayer is lag free.

4. Uncharted 2: The teaser from 2008's VGA's got me so psyched for this game, Nathan's the man!

3. Final Fantasy Versus XIII: The PS3 exclusive looks simply amazing, I'm not sure it'll make it out this year but if it does, it'll be a system seller for sure!

2. God of War III Kratos on the PS3, what else needs to be said?

1. Street Fighter IV: Yeah this list may be a bit biased, but I've covered this game so much last year I had to put it as MY #1 choice! HADOKEN!