Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mama I'm coming Home!

PS home has been in development for so long now I can't remember when I first read about it. I've seen all of Sony's video's showcasing Home, from the TV being thrown down the stairs to the avatar creation vids, to the aimless wanderings throughtout Home from your "Home" to the mall, to the theater and arcade area's. I've lurked in the Playstation.com Home forums hoping to read a legit post regarding a release but that never happened. Little by little my friends began recieving invites to the beta...I even downloaded that gawd awful Home theme in hopes to find a "golden ticket" into Home in my email...alas I was never able to join my friends in Sony's digital eden, or as some call it Sony's 2nd life/sims spinoff.
Sony has promised that Home will open before 2009 which leaves them 21 days to keep their promise....
UPDATE 12/10/08
Well looks like Sony will be keeping their promise, the doors to Home will open tomorrow for all PS3 owners!

Mog Houses...they ain't what they used to be!