Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heavy Rain gameplay demo GC08

After the draught of media on this highly secretive PS3 exclusive here's the newest footage with actual gameplay. I have to admit the atmosphere brings back the feeling of dread I experienced with the first Resident Evil, dam that house is CREEPY! The lack of health bars or pretty much any HUD's really keeps the player, or in this case viewer imersed in the game! The button comands are unobtrusive and actually draws your attention where the developers want you to look. I still have no idea if this game is a new entry in the survival horror genre, but this title looks fantastic! And it's a PS3 exclusive....for now, do I hear someone opening their wallet?
I aslo highly recomend watching this tech demo from 2006, I can't embed the video so just follow the link...this was from 2 years ago! The voice acting and facial expressions are insane...and there's something about mary's eyes that freak me out!