Saturday, September 30, 2006

Raising Chocobo

Last night I logged on to check on Yellow XIII, the Bastokan VCS told me he took Yellow out for walk in town and Yellow seemed interested in everything. A few days before he lost a race to some cocky NPC's (cut scene onry) and was anxious to try again, so I fed him some gyshal greens and told the Bastok VCS that Yellow wanted to compete against the NPC's again. This time Yellow won! Afterwards I took Yellow for a short walk outside Bastok and read him a story.
The next day I checked on Yellow XIII, he was scheduled to exercise in a group with other chocobos for 2 days, apparently he over did it and he's sick and starving now. I fed Yellow 3 bunches of gyshal Greens and 2 tokopeko grass bushels so he was full but was still ill. I told him the "Happy Chocobo" story I got from those rude NPC breeders after beating their chocobo 3/4 times. And I took him for a short walk out to Zegham Hill, but it didn't help. Before I left the stables I changed Yellow's care plan to rest for the next 24 hours, then listen to music the following 24.