Friday, July 28, 2006

Immortal Sentries

After my initial visit to the Empire of Aht Urghan, I had not been back, instead I've been working on SMN. I decided to revisit Aht Urgan Whitegate. When I arrived I went to Salaheem's Sentinels and recieved my first mission as a mercenary. Naja Salaheem handed me supplies and told me to bring them to any of the staging point thruout the Near East Lands. While in Aht Urghan I met up with Darcy, the leader of LotB, he offered to help me reach one of the Staging Points. We traveled thru Bflau Thickets to Ma Mool Ja to one of the Staging Points. I returned to Aht Urgan reported to Naja Salaheem and was granted merc rank.