Monday, December 12, 2005

Game Review: SOCOM 3 US Navy Seals

My first impressions of the online game is...bigger, better. Zipper has incorporated new aspects into the game engine, most notably vehicles. Many socom faithful feared that the inclusion of vehicles would change the core game, but from the time I've played online the addition of vehicles doesn't detract from the game but actually adds an new element to those who play strategically.Some other nice improvements to the online game are the multitude of filters available when making rooms, battlefield maps are now adjustable but most people will make the room max allowable players, I was in a few 32 player rooms and I experienced 0 lag! Other useful filters include the option of day or night for each map, vehicles on/off, and for me one of the best filters is the option to make any map any style from Supression, Demolition, Extraction, Escort, Convoy and Control Point. The latter is similar to SW Battlefront but with the Core Socom game it can be very strategic! The latter two being the new styles added for S3. Other changes to the Socom online game, which I like, is the idea that if you want the extra fluff; clan, friends list, ranking, ladder matches you need to verify your "account" with a credit card. (yes socom is still free) The disclaimer states clearly that you won't get charged, but I still see many complaints. Why? Are you paranoid that you'll be fined for glitching? Do I think that cheaters should be charged? Hell Yeah! If you have never played Socom before now is the best reason to pick up a copy of Sony's flagship online title. And the offline game is tough as Seals, I'll add my 2 cents on the offline game once I've played a bit of it. The interesting thing about Socom is most people buy it for the online play and the off line is secondary, where almost every other game the offline is primary.

online: 9/10 offline: 9/10