Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mission 3, get Altair outta there!

After defeating the dragon and recieving rank3, I joined the Mithril musketeers in a Quadov slaughter in Beadeaux and helped Dayvad in Bastok mines get a rare material called Glocolite by killing Blind Moby in the Gusgen Mines.
My next mission for Bastok was arranged by Lucius in the Bastok Embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens atop Jeuno's tower.
I arrived with my letter of introduction, but my contact, Altair, had not yet returned from a visit to Delkfutt's Tower.
I asked Krogenar to join me once again in a matter of Bastok's security. We navigated our way to the 10th floor of the tower and defeated a Notorious Monster named Porphyrion, got the key to Delkfutt's Tower that would allow us access to the more dangerous areas, then headed to the basement. We found Altair unconscience behind a cermet door, when he came to, he told us he was attacked unawares and that we should wait for him back at the Embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens.
With this mission completed Tryptifaeris reaches rank 4 and my work for Bastok will continue via the Embassy in Jeuno.