Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Return of the Magi

There's nothing worse than being absolutely broke in Vana Diel, the other day I bought a few new scrolls and some fishing gear and SHIZZAM I'm broke! I had around 7000 gill up for sale at the Kazham auction house, but it just sat there for days, even with my competative prices they just weren't selling. I also had an assortment of fish in my bazaar but no one needs to buy fish on the tropical island paradise of Kazham when all they need to do is cast a line.In an act of despiration I pulled all 7 dozen fish off the auction house, pawned off the crap in my bazaar to the local M&P shop and bought my airship ticket back to Jeuno.

Once there I discovered I couldn't even afford the taxes to place items up for sale at the Jeuno auction house! I headed down the busy streets of Jeuno to the Chocobo stables, I had just enough to rent a Chocobo. With my bundles of fish along with all my other equipment I headed back to my homeland, the majestic Bastok. It felt like a thousand moons had passed since last I walked through the grand marketplace of Bastok and felt the cool breeze of the Bastore Sea, I looked forward to going home.
I rushed across the dusty plains of North Gustaberg and as the gate to Bastok market rose over the horizon an eery quiet blanketed the land, there was an un nerving inactivity about.
"Had the city been overtaken by the foul Quadov?"

I pondered my absence, had I deserted my people, left them when they needed my magic most. As I passed thru the gates of Bastok I half expected to see the city in ruins, I passed thru the tunnel entrance and my worries washed away as I gazed upon the shops and white towers of the , I strode towrds Fire water circle and the auction house. The streets were empty except for the random passerby and the NPC's....Bastok was a ghost town .

After placing my fish on the Bastok AH I headed to my Mog house, ACK! cob webs everywhere, and dust an inch thick, the afternoon sun cast a warm glow in my Mog house thru the film on the window. I spent the better part of the afternoon with moogle cleaning my mog house.

After a little synthing and gardening I went fishing over in Port Bastok, then I decided to check out the Koroloko tunnel and see if I could make it thru to the dessert Krog has been soloing in for the past month or so.

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