Saturday, February 12, 2000

Welcome to Free Swim

Hello, thanks for dropping by! 
This is my blog,Free Swim, how'd I come to that name for this blog? It goes back to when I was a kid. I went to camp as a child, it was a unique camp because to get there we didn't drive in a bus or car. A ferry would bring us to a small Island in the Long Island Sound, Calf Island if I remember correctly. Anyway Free Swim was always at the end of the day and we had the choice to either braving the trek down the barnacle encrusted rocky beach to the water or hanging out with friends on the beach. The choice was your's, kinda like this blog, you can hang out and read my postings...which could be as painful as walking on rocks covered in barnacles or not, either way the choice is your's.

Free Swim will focus on video games (yes another video game blog), movies (yeah those too) TV and all the nonsense that as a child I was told is rotting my brain....the good stuff! The Decultcure of the 21st century!

First thing I intend to do is bring over as much of my material from a site my friends Krogenar and Kopernikuz made, but is being shut down by the man! Just kidding, the owner of the site just has too much on his plate and the site never did take off like they hoped it would.

So the first couple posts on Free Swim will be "cut n paste" jobs from the now deceased please Oh and if you're interested in any of the topics I mentioned before and are interested in becoming a contributing author drop me a line.